SmartZOO is an unique service for zoological gardens and their visitors.

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What is SmartZoo?

SmartZoo is a combination of traditional impressions and experiences during a visit to the ZOO with the ubiquitous Internet and modern technologies.

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SmartZOO in a nutshell

SmartZOO is a powerful application that uses mobile elements of active infrastructure installed in the ZOOs.

  • wireless Internet WiFi access points
  • video cameras showing interesting and inaccessible places
  • QR codes on the plates at the enclosures for animals
  • other interactive elements (e.g beacons, NFC)

Thanks to this app ZOO visitors can move around in interesting and interactive evnironment, where information follow user and entertainment blends with education.

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Prototype version of service was developed by Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center in cooperation with Zoological Garden in Poznan and the City of Poznan.

PSNC ZOO Poznan City of Poznan

Unique features

SmartZOO is a mobile app with unique features that makes visiting ZOO an even more fascinating experience.

Plan your visit

Map, dynamic navigation and themed routes allow to discover ZOO attractions quicker and easier

See more

Follow animals in the ZOO live, looking at interesting and inaccessible to the public space

Look around

Orient at the ZOO looking through the lens of a smartphone - the augmented reality mode


Learn more about the animals at the zoo: the species, their customs, names. Stay in touch with them through notifications.

Be in touch

Keep up to date with interesting events at the zoo, track inspiring news about animals.

Share your experiences

Did you meet your favorite, or the fascinating animals? Share this with your friends.

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Application SmartZOO is available for free, at the moment in a version for the Android platform.

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Are you interested in SmartZoo app and would like to run it in your's zoological garden? Contact us!

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